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Description: Model OIC is an academic simulation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation
(OIC) that aims at educating participants about current trends in theory and practice of
International relations, effective communication and multilateral diplomacy.
Vision: “Enhancing Muslim youth skills and capabilities, for the sake of revitalizing a leading
Muslim Ummah.”
Mission: Promoting belonging and loyalty to the Islamic Civilization and enhancing participants’
intercultural skills, critical thinking as well as promoting a platform for youth, intellectuals and
diplomats to meet together and discuss the problems faced by youth people.

Model OIC Project is student based programme which offers you unique
opportunities. The ICYF-DC has established vertical links of cooperation with
international institutions such as the OIC General Secretariat, IDB, ISESCO, UNDP,
ICCI, Council of Europe among many others. Beyond that, Model OIC Project offers
– Building a career in Diplomacy
– Win the chance of attending International Model OIC with financial support!
– Organize your own National Model OIC with ICYF-DC support letter to your
– Get your official ICYF-DC certificate

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